Newland Poultry is a small family run farm offering chickens for sale in Worcestershire, based right at the foot of the beautiful Malvern Hills. We welcome newcomers to chicken keeping, and are happy to offer plenty of chicken keeping help and advice. We have an extensive range of chicken keeping equipment, chicken coops, hybrid chickens for sale, pure breed chickens for sale and chicken feed and can supply you with everything you need to start this interesting, addictive hobby including ongoing help and support.

We sell hybrid laying pullets, pure breed chickens as well as chicken housing, equipment, Garvo chicken feed, Versele Laga chicken and duck feed, Marriages, Heygates and Matador poultry food. We also stock fantastic Omlet Eglu Go's, Omlet netting and accessories and the Greenfrog range of recycled chicken houses. 

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly service and specialise in helping newcomers to chicken keeping.  All our hens come with a guarantee and genuine lifetime of free advice for peace of mind.

We also have a very popular 'chicken boarding' service and can take care of your chickens whilst you are on holiday.

Animal welfare is our priority and all our animals are cared for in a gentle way, with many of our own animals remaining as pets long after their productive days are over.


How We Started

I have had chickens as pets since I was a child and bred them on and off over the years.  When we moved here to Newland 17 years ago I was lucky enough to have the space to start breeding more hens, and the previous occupants had helpfully left me a flock of chickens to help get me started again.  Buff Orpingtons were then my favourite breed and I have hatched many hundreds (probably thousands) of them over the years.  It's strange how my tastes have changed and my favourite breed of chicken is now the smallest in the world - the Serama.

We noticed more and more requests for chickens about 12 years ago and began to struggle to keep up with demand for the pure breed chickens I was hatching here.  A few hybrids were brought in as good layers, and as I had some spare I placed an advert in the local papers.  The phone didn't stop ringing and Newland Poultry was established!  It has grown from my passion for poultry which is lucky as it is a 24/7 job.

My flock of sheep and all the pigs were sold as time became limited so I could devote more time to the chickens and promoting the business.  I've got to say it's a job I love and I am so lucky to be able to do it.  The winter months are challenging, wading through mud and working outdoors in all weather, but still nothing beats the first chicks hatching every year and setting new chicken keepers up with something I am so passionate about.

As the business grew my three sons have helped in the shop and running the business so we are truly a family business. I have my sons in training, one is doing an Agriculture degree and the other 2 are doing business degree's so I'm hopeful they will all soon return full time to grow the business for me!

Not only do I love breeding chickens,  I have a particular passion for learning about them and have qualified as an Avian SQP allowing me to prescribe certain avian medicines.  This involves ongoing training to remain qualified which is something I enjoy.  I am always happy to talk 'chicken' and love introducing people to the hobby.


Week commencing
16th July 2018

Our opening hours are updated weekly below. We are open all year round every Wednesday - Saturday & try to open on most Sunday's (and some Mondays during holidays).

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 10 - 5pm
Thursday: 10 - 5pm
 Friday: 10 - 5pm
Saturday: 10 - 3pm
Sunday: 10 - 1pm


Contact Us

07830 176254

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Newland Grange,
Stocks Lane, Newland
Malvern, Worcestershire
WR13 5AZ