A few reasons on why to buy your pet chickens from us at Newland Poultry.

  • We offer a friendly service and welcome newcomers to chicken keeping. We have been breeding hens here for 16 years & trading as Newland Poultry for 7 years, so are well established and planning to be around for a long time for ongoing advice with your chickens!
  • Have a look at our Customer Feedback page for some 100% genuine feedback from other customers. 
  • All our birds come with a lifetime of free advice.
  • Our chickens have a two week health guarantee period* to enable you to observe the hens at home and check you are happy they are healthy.  All our hybrids receive a full commercial vaccination programme for all the common poultry diseases and will not require boosters.
  • All our pullets are fed on the highest quality Garvo or Versele Laga feed.  Should you use a different feed, we will send all the birds we sell home with a sample of their current feed to enable you to gradually switch feeds.
  • We don't use artificial light for our hybrids and they only have natural light.  Artificial light is often used to encourage the pullets to come into lay at a younger age, but we prefer them to come in to lay when nature intended.
  • We thoroughly check over every hen with you before she leaves us so that so that you can be sure you are getting healthy bird.  We ensure: no signs of injury, good body weight, no signs of damage or swelling around the eyes, no discharge from the nostrils, clear breathing, undamaged legs and feet with no raised scales, no signs of lice or mites on the skin - all this will be done with you so you can see for yourself that all is well.  We can then clip their wings for you if required.
  • All hens will be sent home with a care and advice leaflet with guarantee, plus details of their next worming due date. 
  • Our hybrid barns are regularly treated to ensure we are red mite free.  Outdoor pens are treated with Stalosan F or a commercial poultry disinfectant to keep them clean and free of worm eggs.
  • You can choose from all the hybrids when you come.  They will be outside in large pens with most of the breeds living together so no stressful introductions for you to make at home.  You can observe the birds in your own time and select which birds you would like, we can help and advise if required. Please note:  Very occasionally, if the birds are newly moved into the 'selling' area they will sometimes be reluctant to come outdoors for a few days and we will have to go inside to catch them for you. We never force them to come outdoors until they are ready as this is very stressful for them.
  • We are always quiet and calm around our birds and have specific catching areas that cause minimum stress.  We never use catching nets as these really upset the whole flock and stressed birds do not make calm, happy pets.
  • We have an on-site shop with a full range of poultry feed, housing, bedding, health products and accessories plus plenty of help and advice.
  • We are DEFRA registered, and are inspected and registered with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and are trained and licensed to sell Avian POM-VPS medicines.  To retain our VMD registration we have ongoing training to keep up to date with the latest legislation and animal health issues.
  • Guarantee subject to our Good Management Guidelines.


  • The birds health is guaranteed against disease (but not issues caused by mis-management) for two weeks after sale provided the Good Management Guidelines are adhered to. I feel this is fair as chickens are living creatures and I have no control over how they are fed and cared for after they leave me, as well as any stress or disease they might be exposed to in their new home. Please be aware they are not factory products, but living, breathing creatures.
  • I feel that by offering a two week guarantee, you have plenty of time to observe the chickens at home and be satisfied they are healthy, before any outside influences beyond my control could affect them.
  • I am unable to have back any chickens (unless you have health concerns within the first two weeks) as I cannot take the risk of introducing any outside infections into my flock. Therefore, please ensure chickens are the right choice for you before you buy.  
  • Should your circumstances change in the future, please contact us and we will always do our best to help you find them a new home.
  • We only sell a minimum of 2 hens due to welfare reasons. In exceptional circumstances we can sell single hens, but our guarantee does not cover single hens - they are sold with no guarantee as it is not something we recommend. 
  • All our birds come with a genuine lifetime of free advice, so please feel free to contact us if you need any advice in the future. 


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