Grit, Oyster Shell and Mineral Mix - 3.5kg

£ 8.95 each


A very high quality mix of a finer grade grit, oyster shell, oilseeds and minerals which is very palatable to the chickens.  The mix is taken by the birds far better than standard mixed grit and oyster shell, so is ideal if you are concerned that your birds are calcium deficient or they simply don't like standard grit and oyster shell.

Grit is essential as it replaces the function of the hens teeth.  Oyster shell provides a soluble form of calcium.  The oilseeds encourage the birds to eat as well as providing extra shine on the feathers.

Feed in a separate waterproof container - any remaining mineral powder can be mixed in with the hens usual feed.

Contains: oyster shells, sea shells, calcium carbonate, canary seed, sodium chloride, niger seed, dicalcium phosphate, linseed (oilseeds), peeled oat, sodium bicarbonate hemp, perilla seed.

Please note:  When ordering for delivery rather than collection, the powder may be sent in strong clear bags rather than tubs as tubs are very prone to damage in transit.

14.7% calcium, 0.43% sodium, 0.13% phosphor, 35.1% ash.