Omlet Chicken Fencing Kits - 21 metres

£ 110.00 each

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This is a fantastic product for those who don't want an electrified fence.  If you don't have access to power in the garden or have young children it makes a great alternative.

It is available in 12 or 21 metre lengths and is very easy to put up and move around the garden.  You simply push the poles into the ground to secure in position.  It can be used to keep your chickens in an area, giving them more space, or out of an area, like your prized vegetable patch.  All poles have two spikes making it easy to 'tread' them into the ground and all Omlet netting comes with a gate making it easy to get in and out of the run.

Omlet netting is also suitable for use with smaller birds like bantams.  The bottom section of the netting has holes that are only 50mm wide to stop them getting through.  The holes higher up are 100mm wide.

The overall height is 1250mm, much taller than most nettings.

12 metres - £79
21 metres - £99

We usually have 12 & 21 metre lengths in stock.