Versele Laga

When feeding your chickens we firmly believe you get what you pay for.  We only stock what we feel are the highest quality feeds to give the healthiest hens and best eggs - the expression 'you only get out what you put in' is especially true in egg laying chickens.  By spending a few extra pounds on a sack of feed, not only will you have healthier hens, but more eggs of better quality and firmer droppings (meaning easier hen house cleaning). 

Versele Laga is a long established company and has always had an excellent reputation as one of the top racing pigeon feed producers in Europe.  They have expanded their range of poultry feeds over the last decade and now provide an unrivalled range of top quality chicken feeds, as well as waterfowl, turkey and ornamental fowl feed.  We stock a wide range of their products from the 'Gold' laying hen range and also the 'Show' range for show birds, but can order in any of the Versele Laga range.

Versele Laga System

Level 1 - Chicks

Level 2 - Chicks

Level 3 - Growers and maintenance

Level 4 - Adult hens or those at point of lay.

Gold Range - Laying type hens e.g. hybrids hens, garden hens.

Show Range - Show birds where egg production is not the main objective, ornamental fowl.

We can also order in for you from their range for: Waterfowl, turkeys and table birds.


Save on Postage  Order multiple items and only have one delivery charge - Delivery is is a standard charge of £8.50 for up to 20 kg's regardless of how many items you add. If your parcel exceeds 20 kg's it will be an additional charge of just 40p per kilo. Carriage charges will be calculated at checkout.  You are welcome to collect all items from us.

Delivery charges are to mainland UK.  Please see our Terms and Conditions  for additional charges for Scottish Highlands and other areas.